Living encyclopedia 'Tree of a friendship'

About the competition

The international project “Dialogue of cultures” makes children and adults closer around the world. We learn different cultures and traditions of different nationalities and learn how to be tolerant to each other. We are so different and we’re united by love, friendship and hope for future!

Take part in the creation of a living encyclopedia “Tree of a friendship”:

  • Choose your “Tree of a friendship”: that one which grows in your area, or your favorite tree.
  • Plant a tree with your friends or classmates in your yard or schoolyard.  Make a photo with your tree. This project is carried out from 5 to 15 May 2013.
  • You also can make your tree more creative and decorate it.
  • Send your photo on the site of the project and point at the map where your tree is planted.
  • All the trees will be put on a map of “Trees of friendship”. Everyone can visit places with planted trees in different parts of the world.

The participants of the competition

Teams of students and teachers, and members of youth organizations.

The participation

In teams.

The time constraints

Up to 23 May 2013 – online registration of the teams.

Up to 24 May 2013 – realization of the project.

You can ask all questions connected with participating in the Internet-project by e-mail or by the phones (4852) 32-88-91, 30-29-62.