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Dear owners of websites, blogs and of other Internet-resources!

Tell the visitors of your websites about the international Internet-project "The dialog of cultures"

We think that uniting our efforts to promote the Project will  be our common  contribution to forming the modern mechanisms of promotion the ideas of intercultural dialog among the young people.

The Project is to facilitate the development of international cooperation and cultural dialog among young people, the upbringing a tolerant attitude to the other countries' culture and traditions.

There are different competitions in the contest of The Project. Teachers, students and their parents and other public representatives of all over the world may be participants of the Project.

Each participant can demonstrate his creativity, opine, tell other people about his motherland and its culture, traditions and customs.

Internet-project is held in April-June, 2013.

We will be grateful for the informational support of the Internet-project "The Dialog of Cultures"

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The contact person for asking questions: Milakov Vladimir

Phone numbers (4852) 32-88-91, (4852) 30-29-62


You can ask all questions connected with participating in the Internet-project by e-mail or by the phones (4852) 32-88-91, 30-29-62.